In all of the following programs, East Village Parks Conservancy relies on volunteer help. If you are interested in contributing, leave a message at the EVPC office, 212 353-9063, or email us to the attention of the person mentioned at the end of each program’s description.
Save the Shade is a tree dedication program. The proceeds go to building an endowment for Tompkins Square Park. When you dedicate a tree, you will be taken on a guided tour of Tompkins Square to find and choose your tree, a plaque with your dedication will be placed on the Parks Building in Tompkins Square, and you will receive a full color map identifying your and all the dedicated trees in the Park.
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Make Your Mark In The Park is a program to replace tarmac pavers with new inscribed, granite, hexagon stones. The money made from the sale of these dedication stones goes into an endowment for Tompkins Square Park to be used for improving the looks of the park. Over the years, a wonderful monument to the East Village has begun to emergeā€¦

Elm Watch is a highly successful all-volunteer program which has helped control Dutch Elm Disease in Tompkins Square Park since 1996. In summer, we inspect weekly for signs of the disease and coordinate with NYC Parks for prompt response and treatment. As a result, compared to other parks, Tompkins has an extremely low rate of losses of its majestic American elms.

Trees and Me is an environmental outreach program that teaches young people about the urban natural environment. Kids in our neighborhood learn about local and global environmental issues through lessons and hands-on experiences designed to increase the awareness and skills they need to become knowledgeable environmental decision-makers.
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Sandra Turner Garden was created as a memorial to EVPC’s founder, an East Village activist. The garden is maintained by volunteers with special funding from EVPC as needed.
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East Village Green Alliance Map is a community outreach program to promote public awareness of the ecology of the East Village. In reaching out to our community, we have mapped every garden, park and greenstreet in our neighborhood to help you discover the uniqueness of each of the area’s many urban green spaces. There are several New York City parks, plus numerous community gardens that are run by volunteer membership. Each has its own rules and regulations.

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To contribute to this program or get more information, contact Pat Sutherland-Cohen.
EVPC Website This website is always in need of updating and new features.
If you’d like to contribute or help us with the website, contact Pat Sutherland-Cohen.
Volunteers We have a cadre of volunteers who support all the greenspaces in The East Village. These people mulch, pick up litter, clear, weed and prune, help organize special events in the gardens and parks and generally help in any way they can.
If you are interested in becoming a part of this group, contact Pat Sutherland-Cohen.
We also have a program that is specific to Tompkins Square Park.
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Volunteer Party We periodically celebrate our volunteers with a party to thank all the people who have contributed to the organization and the greenspaces in the East Village.